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Santan Merchants Pvt Ltd. (SMPL) is a noteworthy name in the field of Imports, Marketing, & Distribution of various products since 1995.

SMPL has vast experience of International Trade, Logistics Handling and Distribution. We facilitate the smooth flow of goods from the producers to customers, giving value to all. SMPL can help to fulfill the dreams come into reality for the clients. Our company believes in establishing a long lasting relationship with the clients and therefore work towards fulfilling the commitments made to the clients while keeping a check on the quality of the work.

We try to make optimum utilization of the available opportunities for marketing, by properly analyzing the target market and develop strategies accordingly. Hence, we look forward to provide industry best practices and services which is usually followed in the marketing and distribution field by the companies around the globe. We not only help our clients in marketing their products and services, but also provide them with a distribution network so that it can reach out to them globally.

At the outset, our company was committed to catering to the needs of the people in particular and the country in general. Our employees work as a team and always look forward to setting up a strong marketing and distribution network for the domestic and international market. Our employees are guided by the philosophy “BUILDING TRUST, STRENGTHENING PARTNERSHIPS”. Our company believes in maintaining a strong, cordial relation with our clients.

SMPL’s consolidated revenue from all its division was INR 944 Million (2014-15). Total group revenue from operation is expected to be INR 1100 Million for 2015-16.

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An Insight into conse ctetur SMPL

We excel in building a proper marketing channel for our clients that can promote and distribute products globally. With the help of our advanced business strategies and logistics trade solutions, we promise to meet their business requirements.

Who we are

With well developed network in the domestic and international markets, our objective is to be recognized as a distinguished distribution & marketing channel for different product lines.

Business objective

Santan Merchants Pvt Ltd. Started its journey twenty five years before by the guideline of its founder Shree Binod Maroti with a mission to set a strong distribution network in the markets.

the smpl advantage

We place your products in our extensive base of distributors and wholesalers. The appointments of R.M / A.S.M level managers is done under the modern and channel formats as per norms of SMPL.


Centrally located with head office at Kolkata, Westbengal, we have established presence through branch network in all major cities.


Making best possible use of available opportunities, we offer smart marketing support to client products after critically analyzing their target market and available competitor brands in the market.


Sanatan Merchants Pvt Ltd deals in a variety of products ranging from Hand & Power tools to Pressure Cookers to Writing Instruments to Cosmetics etc.It is this diversity in Product Mix that helps the company stand in good stead even in tough times.